No two spaces are the same, whether you’re looking at apartments, houses, or offices. Your house or office is your fortress, and has its own energy that reflects the owner, any space you claim as your own BECOMES your own.

Oftentimes, your tastes and visions for your office or living space may have too much outside interference by people that you pay your hard earned money for. Not only is that a waste, but your own tastes and preferences may be overlooked. Therefore, it is imperative that when designing your space, you have your say in every little detail. This is where “art di line” gives you the freedom you want.

We have formed a qualitative approach to the solution of such a problem. For you, we will prepare not just a design and 3D visualization of your dream living or office space, but also give you the opportunity to embrace your talents and bring your vision to life in our studio "New Art".

Our studio design "art di line" invites you to explore all the world of interior design! At your disposal, a team of detail-oriented professionals and the best materials, and design projects. The end result? A one-of-a-kind office or home that you could truly call your own.

Welcome to "art di line" - a world of interior and exterior design!